At Mr Pillo we have thought carefully about the type and amount of filling. The filling in combination with the super soft velvet is heavenly.

We came up with a filling that we are proud of and that feels great. For anyone who wants to enjoy this pillow. Because this pillow can of course also be used for the sofa in the TV / lounge area, the bedroom, the boat or in the garden. The danger is that you will fall asleep quickly because the pillow is so comfortable. We also understand that it is a personal story and that is why we have a zipper in the cover of the inner padding and the possibility to refill your pillow for a different comfort. The filling can also collapse after intensive use and you can enjoy your Mr Pillo pillow for a long time after refilling. It is possible to order the filling afterwards.

Cushion filling is essential for comfort and depends on the intensity of use

The filling of the pillow is essential for the comfort that your pillow offers. The durability of the cushion’s filling depends on a number of things. Of course, the material used and the firmness of the filling play a role, but the intensity and type of use of the cushion also influence the quality of the filling. A pillow that is used more as a decorative piece of furniture requires less maintenance than a pillow that is used intensively on a daily basis. In addition to comfort, the filling is also important for the shape and design of a pillow. The filling can still be comfortable over time, while the pillow has lost its shape. In this case, refilling or topping up is the right solution.

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With regular use, a pillow must be refilled, roughly about 1x per year. Do you want to give your pillow a second life? Usually you will receive the refill at home the next working day.

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