``The pillow now has a name``

Developing a product that makes people happy, that is my passion.

The most beautiful compliment: why choose? We want three pillows, because it makes us so happy! Two of the four dogs fell asleep on the pillow during the photo session. This pillow automatically pulls you to the ground. Making a cuddly product is my goal.


Looking for a pillow for my dog, I couldn’t find one that also looked nice in my interior. And then you start to fantasize, what will such a pillow look like and what conditions should it meet:

  • a fabric with a beautiful appearance, beautiful colors, beautiful designs and above all very cuddly;
  • an eye-catcher for your interior;
  • good filling and practical to use.

The pillow now has a name. My dog, ​​Jan, who gave me the idea is still clearly visible in my logo.